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What are men afraid during sex?

It turns out that not only women worry about their sexuality. Men also feel bad because of thoughts about how to please and satisfy their partner in bed. The guys are nervous too and are afraid to do something wrong or not to justify the expectations of their partner.

Men sex fears

Fear of insolvency is a serious problem for many guys. They are afraid to look ridiculous in women’s eyes. Therefore, sometimes in every possible way they delay the moment of long-awaited closeness under various pretexts: busy, lingering, solving important issues. Fear of comparison is the second common reason for fear. The fear of insolvency is often provoked by the fear of comparison. Who do women usually compare men with? Of course, with former partners, more precisely – with ex-lovers. 

Most often, men are afraid of two types of women: hyperactive and overly passive in bed. The first type of mistresses not only takes the initiative in their hands but also dictates a man step-by-step actions, dramatizes every sexual act. They scare men off with their uncompromising, commanding tone and somewhat aggressive manners in bed. The second type of female lovers repels excessive coldness, not involved in the sexual process. Perhaps this behavior is caused by the modesty and shyness of the woman.

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