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Top female sexual fears

Many women are afraid of not meeting the expectations of men. This sexual fear is most common among women. This fear pushes them to go on new incredible experiments and develops sexuality, which is actually very good. However, not all the fears are so productive.

Female sexual fears

Sooner or later, each of us comes to mind that a partner needs only sex from us, and doesn’t have any feelings. That is why a woman often keeps a man at a distance, does not want to let him closer until he is convinced that he is really in love. 

The fear of disease and pregnancy is also a common fear. These two reasons make women worry not only before sex but even during sex. These fears are useful – they provide the desire to have protected sex. However, if everything is so bad that this fear has become obsessive and instead of orgasm you feel bad, you need to go to a psychologist. 

Many women also have a fear of experimenting. Partners need to discuss this moment together and try to get rid of the complexion and fear. A loving and patient partner will help you with this. And one more thing – try to set yourself up for experiments, because you can enjoy the offer very much. Fear of spoiling her hairstyle and make-up, having a stale breath or smelling sweat – all this sets up women not in exactly the right way. Understand that you are beautiful and attractive to men in any way, and during sex, it is naturalness that attracts partners.

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