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It is never good to delay the dating

A long exchange of letters can be misleading – even if the person is extremely sincere, we unwittingly begin to build an image that certainly does not coincide with reality. It is more useful to meet with the candidate you are interested in and decide whether to continue communication.

Set the date without delays

If you are going to start planning your date, the first question is the right place. It is better to meet at the café on a first date. The best choice, as research shows, is an invitation to a cup of coffee in a democratic coffee house. Going to the cinema, to a concert, an exhibition or even to a restaurant is a bad decision, as meeting in a public place does not give a complete picture of a person. And the atmosphere of the cafe and the common table create the effect of trust and good mood for each other.

Do not be familiar here. No matter how the girl in the photo reminds you of a wild cat or a princess, you should not inform her about it on a first date. For acquaintance – even on specialized sites – such words are inappropriate. At the same time, you should say no to banalities. If you want to succeed on your date, you need to stand out of the crowd, especially if you are a boy. 

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