Double Click Ads

Double Click Ads/ search 360 Services

For us to be able to manage clients large search campaigns across several search engines, we make use of Google’s double click search, also known as Search Ads 360 for Advertisers, with this tool, we are able to manage campaigns   effectively. The use of search ads 360 also makes measurement easier.  One is able streamline workflow with search 360 and have a powerful reporting system. It is integrated with the Google marketing platform which makes it possible for buyers and also track campaigns, within a single platform, allowing for cross channel buying reporting and attribution.


Advantages of Search Ads 360

  • With search Ads 360, businesses are able to respond to constant change in market in real time and scale. The search campaigns are rich with data and bid automation.
  • Ads/keyword performance are analyzing across engines.
  • Executing search ads 360 helps to save time, ability to make enhanced decisions, reduce complexity and invariably increase return on investments for search marketing.


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