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Google shopping ads also known as products ad, might appear when searches are made. Shopping ads include rich product information, like a product image, price and merchant name. They’re generated using data attributes from the product information submitted in Merchant Centre data feed. With increased competition and the need to focus on the customer’s experience, Synleads has taken to a more sophisticated, data-driven approach to compete and scale revenue on Google Shopping for our clients.          

Shopping ads

Our experts will assist your business to connect with shoppers and enable them to enjoy a seamless retail shopping experience. We also promote online and local inventory, boost traffic to websites or the local store, and to secure qualified leads.

How do Shopping ads work?

Your present data in the product merchant centre are utilized to decide how and where your ads are displayed, and these details are used to match the user search, showing the most relevant products. 

Where can Shopping ads appear?

Shopping ads appear in selected countries, next to search results and Google Images.

Benefits of shopping ads

  • Manage and enhance your Shopping ads to help you promote your online and local inventory.
  • Increase traffic to your website or local store.
  • Help you find better qualified leads.

What are the types of shopping ads?

Product Shopping ads

These ads are created based on product image, title, price, and your store or business name inside your ads can be added. There is usually no need to create individual product ad.

Showcase Shopping ads

Show case shopping ads are created grouping related products to enable individuals compare and click on the right one. The more ads created the more the possibility of your ads appearing on a search.

 Local inventory ads

These ads help to drive traffic to your local stores. On google Display network, data provided from local inventory ads is used to engage users.

 We Provide tailored experience, grow your income, traffic, customer base and sales with shopping ads.  


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