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Paid search advertising equally known as search marketing, search-engine marketing, sponsored ads, pay-per-click marketing, and cost-per-click marketing is a google ads advertising technique that shows ads in search-engine results when someone searches for the services or products that is offered by the advertiser. 

The ads get displayed, when it perfectly matches with the search query. Advertisers pay each time the ad is clicked. We would select the right keywords and put in place an organised campaign, with optimized landing pages to enhance conversions. Synleads experts will help you build a wining PPC campaign.
Our specialists in high-level PPC for search engines through Google AdWords, and Bing Ads, can assist you get the best out of your ads. We create relevant pay per click ads that are targeted to the ideal customer, as such our qualified experts are capable of making the cost of your PPC ad campaigns lower and more profitable. 

What are the benefits of search advertising?

  • Assist to drive relevant traffic back to a business’ website.
  • Offer an advantage over your competitors at the same time drive more qualified leads back to your site.
  • Paid search ads produce fast results 
  • Assist in targeting local traffic i.e. great for local search 
  • PPC ads are budget-friendly, as such budget caps on your campaign can be set.
  • Paid search advertising helps to improve brand recognition
  • The result of PPC ads is measurable. 


Let’s help you drive traffic to your sites with Paid Search advertising ads. 

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