Google Advertising

Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads  formerly known as Google Adwords is an online advertising platform where businesses advertise their products or services. They bid to display their services or offerings. They place ads in both the results of search engines like google, non- search websites, videos and mobile apps. You pay when the ad is clicked on to visit your website or, call your business or get directions to your store.

Does Google advertising work?

A lot of business often wonders if Google Ads work. Synleads, has tapped on the advantages of adverting with Google Ads, which allows for targeting qualified, in market prospects if executed properly can provide a strong return on investments, helping to generates leads and sales. Synleads will help you get in front of the customers when they are searching for a product or service like your Let’s help you grow your business with Google Ads.

Google advertising

Google Adwords

Keyword Research Keyword research is a very vital part in an SEO campaign. It will help identify topics and themes your target market is keenly searching for. This way you will be able to identify keywords that are not too competitive and you can start ranking for them.

Google Advertising

Search Advertising (PPC)

This is a way of ensuring that that Google understands the content of your websites. This involves using your keywords strategically within your websites in a way that makes sense.

Search Advertising

Display /Banner Advertising

This could be tiresome, but absolutely necessary for SEO. Link building entails linking to directories up to getting sites to link to your content. Internal linking is also vital for boosting your rankings. This assists Google in navigating your site.

Banner Ads

Shopping Ads

The process of analysing your websites for best practices is known as SEO Audit. Here mistakes and opportunities are identified.

Shopping ads

Remarketing Ads

Creating content for SEO, simply refers to content writing that aids web pages to rank high in the search engines. It entails the implementation of the right keywords and key phrases within a web content.


 Synleads is able to analyse search engine results performance, review links, SEO practices and put up recommendations that enable more visibility on search engine and achieving of a higher search engine ranking.


Synleads will help you through YouTube ads to be seen where everyone is watching and reach people who matter to your business, connecting with people who are interested in your offering. You only pay when your ad is watched. Synleads will help you see how your ad is doing, providing you insights to your ads every step of the way.

YouTube advertising

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