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Twitter Advertising

Types of Twitter Ads


Video Views Campaign

Add videos to your tweets to drive your viewership. Tweets with video will likely attract 10 times more engagement and will be more likely to be Retweeted.

How it works

Use video views when you are targeting more views and creating content with can have a lasting reaction and impact.

What do you pay for

You will only pay for the video views you acquire from your campaign.


In-Stream Video Views Campaign

 In-stream video views are an option if you are looking to generate a brand lift. This will help you build brand relevance and align with customer’s passion points. This can be achieved by running targeted pre-roll ads before the content they are already watching.

How it works

The advertiser’s in-stream video will spontaneously be matched with publisher content to serve the advertiser’s specified target audience, however, content categories can be excluded or @handles during the setup for more control on the ad’s delivery.

What do you pay for

The cost the advertiser pays per engagement will depend on depends on the set budget and bid, as well as your targeting.  Real-time bid guidance will be provided during the setup process.


Increase App Installs

With ad install campaigns you can drive people to install your app.

How it works

 With the use of an eye-catching visual, Design and build your App Card, adding a tagline, and supporting copy. The ad is usually displayed in several locations on Twitter – these locations include profile, home timeline, search result tweet detail pages, and apps across the Twitter audience.


Increase Traffic to Your Website and Increase Conversion

Using this, you can increase traffic to a specific home page on your websites or standalone landing page, on getting to the pages, the visitors will be encouraged encourage to take action— it can be getting in touch with you or purchasing your products. 

In these campaigns, your content is featured on a Website Card.

How it works

 A designed and built websites card will be used for the ad and it will be displayed in several locations on Twitter.


Twitter Engagements Campaign

Highlight your content and brand to achieve prime, focused, and valuable attention.

How it works

Synleads can set up an engagement campaign for you and help increase audience activity to get more likes retweets and replies. your campaign is promoted to a large targeted audience.

What do you pay for

This will depend on your budget. You will only pay for the enjoyment you get from the campaign.


Followers Campaign

This is a way of accelerating the growth of your organisation or brand, by building an engaged audience to amplify the brand 

How it works

Followers campaigns will allow you to promote your Twitter account and increase your audience on Twitter.


App Re-Engagements Campaign

Promoting your apps on Twitter can help you connect with mobile users and this will increase installing of the app.

How it works

Using eye-catching visuals, design, and built app cards, your app rate will be automatically imported from your app reviews.  This ad will be shown in different locations on Twitter

 What you pay

The cost you pay will depend on your bid and cost per click.

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