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Marketers have rated LinkedIn platform as ideal for B2B lead generation, it is the buying power of average web audiences. On LinkedIn platform, advertisers can market to influencers, decision makers and executives.

LinkedIn advertising

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Taking your target audience into consideration, Synleads will be able to create goals and target your audience by location, company, industry, title, skill level, degree of study, and more. Below are some of the types of campaigns you can carry out on LinkedIn.

 Sponsored content and direct sponsored content

With the LinkedIn sponsored content campaign, the advertiser is able to promote a piece of content that is already present on your LinkedIn company page. Company updates can be promoted as well as, share pieces of content, drive users to a landing page.

When to use sponsored content

Sponsored ads are ideal when you are looking to increase your website traffic.

Sponsored In mail

Sponsored In-mail campaign is personalized because the advertiser is sending a direct message to a LinkedIn user who is the target audience. This helps in lead generation greatly. There is also 100% deliverability.

 Text Ads

Text ads types are very similar to Google/Bing search ads. Multiple ad variations per campaign can be created. these ads can only run on desktop and are shown on the right rail of the news feed.  Cost per click (CPC) model or a cost per thousand impressions model(CPM) Can only be used.

Why use text ads?

If you are looking to run a quick campaign that is easy to set up and manage, Text Ads are the right ad format for you if you are want to run a quick campaign. Text ads are also great for brand awareness.

 Dynamic Ads

Only appearing on the desktop, these ads are dynamically generated personalised ads that engage users. Leads can be instantly generated with dynamic ads.

 When Should I Use Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic ads are very effective at driving traffic to a landing page/company page due to the fact that they are highly engaging  

 Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn with pre-filled forms with user’s LinkedIn profile information help to collect quality leads, they are available in sponsored content and sponsored mail.

Why use lead gen forms?

The user does not have to leave LinkedIn in order to fill out a form

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