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Why Advertise with Facebook?

Targeting and retargeting options availability 

 Ads can be shown to a narrowly defined audience – demographic, location, behaviours, lookalike audiences and more are available options using Facebook advertising.

Facebook ads are highly customable

Facebook ads can be customized, like your ad design, copy, landing pages and almost every element of a Facebook campaign can be customised. Such as:

  • Bidding
  • Delivery options
  • Target audience

 Facebook advertising increases revenue, sales, and leads

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 Improved user experience due to Facebook constant updates

Due to the fact that Facebook is constantly updating its features, advertisers and users enjoy an improved user experience, as such, it pays organisations to advertise on Facebook and their ads would be seen by a larger audience.

Facebook advertising is very useful for a targeted form of advertising

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising, Ads can be targeted by age, behaviour interests, and location.

Facebook advertising increases website traffic

Facebook advertising can help increase traffic to your website through optimizing your Facebook Page for website clicks, generate a steady stream of fresh content on your website, optimize the content of your website for shares. Use high-quality images, craft compelling text as posts as well as carry out sponsored ads.

 Facebook advertising increases brand awareness

Through Facebook ads, your business can build brand awareness. Building brand awareness for your brand can make purchase decisions easier and the brand can build brand equity.

Facebook advertising is measurable

With a Facebook advertising campaign, you can measure your return on ad spend (ROAS). The possibility of measuring the ROAS of your Facebook ads is directly linked to your Facebook pixel that is installed on your website and conversion tracking.

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Types of Facebook Ad Format

Using a particular Facebook ad format greatly depends on your marketing goal.

Image Ad Format

Facebook images ads are highly recommended.


Facebook video ad format can help you show off your product, tell your brand story, capture attention quickly and send a clear message, helping people buy your product or visit your website.


Facebook Carousel ads can showcase up to 10 images or videos in a single ad, each having its own link. Carousel ads can help raise your click-through rate, Showcase multiple features of a single product, and more.

 Facebook Instant Experience

Instant Experience is an ad format that opens after someone clicks your ad on a mobile device. It helps to visually highlight your brand or products and services.

Facebook Instant Experience can:

Use Instant Experience to:

  • Grab attention
  • Tell a story about your brand or services.
  • Embed Facebook and third-party pixels.
Facebook Collection Ad

Facebook Collection Ad format features multiple products and opens as an Instant Experience. It helps your customers discover, browse, and can purchase products from their phones.

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