Industry Specific SEO

Industry Specific SEO

Synleads digital agency has works with different clients in a wide range of industry sectors, covering health care, real estate, hospitality, medical, tourism and more, this has contributed to our growth, knowledge and experience in particular fields. Having worked with different sectors, we have perfected the ability to build effective SEO key strategy and campaigns, which have produced excellent results over and over again.

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Our Industry Specific SEO Services

SEO for e-commerce

SEO for education

SEO for financial institutions 


SEO for healthcare

SEO for medical/dental 

SEO for insurance 

SEO for real estate 

SEO for retail 

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SEO For ECommerce

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SEO For Education

SEO plays a crucial role in the education industry. Prospective students always search for schools in search engines. Schools looking to fill up their classrooms need a strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. While this might take some time to implement, but when it’s done, the return on investment last for years.

Synleads-SEO for Education

SEO For Banking/Financial Institution

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to generate customers for the bank. SEO helps to attract new customers, leads and physical traffic to any bank. SEO strategy allows the bank’s website to rank high on search engines, as such people can find the bank easily.



As one of the leading SEO agencies in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Synleads uses breakthrough techniques to help attract, promote, and engage customers for our FMCG clients. We incorporate a strong SEO plan, put in place a strategy to execute the plan that drive consumers to websites. This is able to increase online visibility, build brand awareness and increase purchase decisions for our clients.


SEO For Healthcare/Medical /Dental

To find a new hospital or find a doctor many patients use to Google search . Synleads is one of the leading digital marketing companies in executing healthcare SEO services. We have helped a lot of organisations with their medical SEO, and can help you too. Synleads SEO service for health care and medical clinics, cover SEO service for medical centres, SEO for dental clinics and other medical sectors.

SEO for healthcare

SEO for Insurance

Whether you are a startup insurance company or a multinational you need SEO to help you rank higher on Google. Choosing Synleads is a sure way to acquire everything you need to make SEO for your insurance business a success. We have executed proven SEO strategies for Insurance Agents & Agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We would take the knowledge to your website. 

SEO for Real Estate

We’ve assisted a lot of real-estate companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi carve out their piece of the market by applying effective SEO strategies for their websites.  Looking to rank locally or nationally, we can handle it.


SEO for Retail

Local SEO is important for retailers with a physical location for their businesses. According to researchers, most of the local searches made on mobile and more than half of the searches made on desktop leads to the physical location purchases.

Our SEO for retailers covers Google listings, conducting keyword research, optimizing the keywords on pages, target vital long tail key words, optimize page titles and more.

Synleads SEO for Retail

SEO or Travel /Tourism

While SEO is complex and the continuous changes involved in it, for an industry like the travel and tourism industry, it requires a specialist to achieve remarkable results. Synleads has helped quite a number of tourism companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UK to stay ahead of their peers in a very competitive tourism industry.  Optimise their websites by implementing an effective SEO strategy, helping them to rank high in search results. This is achieved by implementation of SEO best practices, as a result increase their online visibility.  Our highly qualified SEO professionals can help your business achieve same.


SEO for travel and tourism
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