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SEO Audit Services

At Synleads, SEO audit is not one size fits all. We are aware that companies and goals differ and consider this in our approach to SEO. Our SEO Audit professionals help business to determine their current SEO weaknesses. Then put in place a successful SEO strategy to grow their businesses.

Web sites remain the hub of your business online. Contents are included and updates are made from time, as such, it is vital to make sure that things are in order. The most straightforward way to examine the performance of your websites is through SEO audit, it helps you determine how the websites is at present and how to improve it. SEO Audit shows technical issues, website structure issues and on page SEO issues to improve your pages search engine performance. Here at SYN Leads we are experienced to carry out an overall competitive website SEO Audit, find any foundational issues with your organic search and uncover SEO possibilities.

Synleads Website SEO Audit Services

We offer:

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Website structure Audit
  • On-page SEO Audit
  • Local SEO Audit
  • SEO Link Audit
  • Potential off-page SEO Audit
  • User experience
  • Web Analytics Audit
  • Webmaster Audit
  • Websites Content Audit
  • Competitive analysis and  marketplace insights
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