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How to act online to appoint a date

If punctuality is the politeness of kings, then literacy is the politeness of Internet users. And it is the first evidence that you have a high IQ. Therefore, try not to make even elementary mistakes. In case of doubt, use spelling apps.

How to look good online to get a date?

If you are not sure of your knowledge of grammar or spelling, try to check everything with a help of the spelling app. It may seem that to get a date through specialized sites or services is easy, because they are used by girls who are in search. However, this is not fully true. To increase your chances to get a good date, try to follow these rules:

•    Fill the profile wisely. If you want a serious relationship, you do not need to post a photo of you naked (fully or partially). Even if you have an amazing body, this doesn’t look good emotionally

•    It is better to bet on pictures that reveal your personality and show your face. Also, do not be lazy to fill out the profile in detail and pay special attention to the section in which interests are indicated. Remember the more specific the description, the greater the chance of meeting with the right person. Thereby, do not be limited to common phrases

•    Avoid newbies on the website. Most dating sites advertise new users: they are placed on the first pages of the search or in special sections that everyone else sees. As a result, novices (especially girls) receive a lot of messages. In this case, yours can just get lost.

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